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Cab-O-Matic - New! 
Save hours of work with this graphical interface for cabwiz.exe. Building cab OTA installers in a drag and drop and a couple of clicks!

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Royalty Free Music
Are you looking for royalty free music for your video game ? Check out this site that will give you some directions on how to use royalty free music.
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Easy Mov'Capture V1.1
Capture the entire desktop or just an application running from your computer to a Quicktime Mov File. [more info]
New video player that embeds your videos or media into the exe itself! in cunjunction with armadillo, it becomes the ideal solution for copy protected media!

First release
Easy Pocket PC Installer
Tired of building installers with command lines ?
Check out our visual Pocket PC installer.
Source code is also available
for high end customizations!
Super Sprites V1.61
Generates tiles from pre-rendered objects or sprites, optimize existing tiles or sprite boards.
Super-Sprites is the tool that will make your programmer happy! [more info]

Imports mixed size blocs

Convert a folder of pictures into a Mov!
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